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Watershed Numbers

       The economic value of a single watershed is      $7.4 to $14 Billion1

         The County FY18 operating budget totaled      $705.2 Million

                     In FY18, County DWS grants totaled      $2.1 M for watershed protection programs

              The State FY18 operating budget totaled      $14.1 Billion

                           In FY18, statewide grants totaled      $6.2M2 for WPs3 and ISCs4

              Maui’s 3 watershed partnerships manage      over 200,000 acres in total

                                 This is roughly equivalent to      40% of the island

                        A raindrop on the mountain takes      20 to 25 years to reach our aquifers

                         The East Maui watershed produces      60 billion gallons of water each year

                       The West Maui watershed produces      25.5 billion gallons of water each year

            West Maui sources provide approximately      76% of the DWS water supply

      The most threatening species in West Maui is      Strawberry guava

Compared to ohia, strawberry guava consumes      27% more water in the wet season

Compared to ohia, strawberry guava consumes      53% more water in the dry season

          The area consumed by strawberry guava is      3,000 to 5,000 acres in West Maui alone

                                That is roughly equivalent to      10% of the West Maui Forest Reserve

1Roumasset et al. 1997.

2 Includes $2.2M from the Watershed Partnerships Program Grants awarded by DLNR-Division of Forestry and Wildlife and $4.0M from the Hawaii Invasive Species Council (HISC)

3 WPs = Watershed Partnerships, of which there are 10 across the state, including WMMWP

4 ISCs = Invasive Species Committees, of which there are 5 across the state on Maui, Molokai, Big Island, Oahu, Kauai