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Recreate Responsibility

 Love it?  Leave it alone.  Leave no trace.  Like that precious, irreplaceable koa surfboard that was passed down to you by your great grandfather, there are some things in this world worth cherishing from afar.

Extremely delicate ecosystems (like Eke Crater) are like family heirlooms. They take a long, long time to become what they are today, and no amount of money can purchase or recreate them once they are damaged or destroyed.  In these places, one footstep can create an irrevocable impression. - See damage photos.

You can protect your island\'s natural heritage by respecting the \"no trespassing\" signs posted at watershed management areas.

Each of you has the power to protect or destroy.  Each time you clean your boots before a hike, each time you decide to stay on a designated trail instead of creating or using a shortcut, each time you forego the temptation of running your ATV on new terrain, you are defending your \'aina.  And believe it or not, you are protecting your water supply too!

More tips on how to have fun outdoors, responsibly.