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Human Activities

Lately, there has also been an increase in human disturbances, including trespass and damage to watershed lands from uncontrolled recreational motorbike riding, illicit cultivation of marijuana, and unauthorized blazing and extension of hiking trails deep into the watershed.  Coupled with invasive species introduced by these acts, this further compounds forest degradation.

Please think twice before entering the watershed for any purpose. 

Users can unknowingly cause great harm.  Stepping on a rare species, causing erosion and scarring the landscape are only the beginning.  Human disturbance can create openings in the forest which allow invasive species to gain hold and spread over the land to cause greater impact.  Invasive species could be hiding in your boots, packs or stuck to your clothing.   Believe us, we've seen it! Our watershed staff go through great lengths to decontaminate our gear before entering the watershed. Once established, restoration of this impact is extremely challenging and the best solution is to admire the Watershed from legal trails.  Doing so will help stop the degradation of our native flora and fauna and in turn, preserve the watershed.

You can help!
  -  Get to know the worst invasive species
  -  Report a Pest[c6]. 
  -  Don't buy or sell invasive plants[c5]. 
  -  Prevent Forest Fires
  -  Low impact living[c2]