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Jobs With WMMWP

Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Field Positions

We are currently on the hunt for a Natural Resource Management Technician with a focus on ungulate control:  

DUTIES:  Plans and conducts projects to implement the WMMWP Watershed Management Plan and address landscape level watershed threats from feral ungulates.  Develops and implements plans for ungulate control to protect 50,000 acres of the West Maui Mountains. Plans and leads field activities related to animal control, scouts/surveys, and transect monitoring, including testing and identifying successful methods for ungulate control. Acts as primary liaison between program and land managers/land owners, and hunters. Serves as a senior member of the field crew in other natural resource programs including but not limited to fencing, weed control, and monitoring.  
EDUCATION/TRAINING:  At least two (2) years of college level coursework from an accredited college or university in Natural Resource Management, Biological Science, or Environmental Science with basic/related biology/natural resources courses (High School Diploma or G.E.D equivalent and at least four (4) years of related natural resources/conservation experience may substitute for college level coursework). 
EXPERIENCE:  Two to four (2-4) years of work experience with biological resources, conservation planning, and/or natural resource management. At least one (1) year of supervisory experience in work related to research or agriculture with a land management agency or company relating to field operations.
ABILITIES/KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS:  Strong working knowledge of the principles of ecology and conservation in Hawai‘i, specifically related to invasive ungulates.  Strong working knowledge of and expertise in field work techniques, logistical planning, data collection/management, and ecosystem monitoring protocols. Knowledge of Hawaiian flora and fauna.  Knowledge of watershed and island ecosystem processes, including incipient alien plant and animal invasions.  Knowledge of safe and effective herbicide use and weed and ungulate control techniques.  Must have ability to detect feral ungulate individuals and populations and plan and implement appropriate control strategies.  Must be proficient in ArcGIS and GPS (Garmin, Trimble, LocusPro).  Ability to collect detailed field data, organize, analyze, and summarize data, and write clear and concise reports.  Capable of creating maps for use in reports, presentations, and field activities. 
SECONDARY QUALIFICATIONS:  Field experience in a resource management program to protect at risk ecosystems in Hawai‘i, with emphasis on alien plant and animal control, site restoration, biological surveys, and/or stream surveys.  Knowledge of Hawaiian biota and threats from incipient plant and animal invasions.

This opening will close on Monday, July 31.  To apply, go to the RCUH homepage, click on "Job Postings" and enter Job Opening ID 17299.

***In the coming weeks, we will also be advertising for a Natural Resource Management Supervisor in Invasive Weed Control as well as a Field Assistant I.  To inquire about either of those positions, contact us today!***
There are many ways to prepare for a future opening with us or any other conservation organization on island.  Knowledge of the Hawaiian forest ecosystem, invasive species issues, and previous experience in natural resource management are all desirable qualities, and competency with GIS and GPS technologies is also a plus.  One of the best things you can do is volunteer!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  


Do you enjoy camping, hiking and working in the outdoors?  WMMWP sponsors a PAID YEAR-ROUND INTERNSHIP with the Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps, protecting the forests of the West Maui Mountains. Be a part of our conservation team, learning about forested watershed protection, native and invasive species, and natural resource management techniques in Hawaii.

Please go to or call (808) 735-1221 to find out more about the program and to apply.  You can also contact us and speak with our current intern to learn more about how our program works.



If you like working outdoors and taking care of the aina, you may want to try natural resource management with WMMWP.  Knowledge of the Hawaiian ecosystem, invasive species issues, and previous experience in natural resources is a plus. 

Many of our staff have had amazing experiences working with our watershed. Read some testimonials from current and former staff members to get a feel for what it is like to work for WMMWP. Also, visit our photo gallery to get an idea of WHERE we work and the beauty that we are trying to protect.



The preferred method of applying for a job is through RCUH.
Click on "Job Openings" to access the "Careers" page.  

If you do not have access to the Internet, you may apply by submitting your documents via fax to (808) 956-5022 or mail to the address below before the closing date.

Director of Human Resources
Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii
2530 Dole Street, Sakamaki Hall, D-100
Honolulu, HI 96822

Document Requirements:
Cover letter with your Job ID#
Referral source
Narrative of your qualifications for position
Salary history and names
Phone number and addresses of 3 supervisory references
Copy of degree(s)/transcript(s)/certificate(s) to confirm your credentials

RCUH is an EEO/AA Employer