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"This is the second time I have worked for the partnership. After taking a short break to do some world traveling, I knew that I wouldn't be able to find a more rewarding and challenging job than with the partnership." -John Comcowich, past and current field crew supervisor




"It's crazy to think that you can get paid for hiking, camping and riding in helicopters. But with this job, I really felt like I was contributing to a much greater cause, while getting to see some of the more rare and remote parts of the island." - Taylor Marsh, Americorps volunteer




"Working for the WMMWP helped to solidify my connection to my ancestral land.  As a native Hawaiian, working on native soil, in the West Maui Mountains, I was given the opportunity to spiritually connect to the land and heal my own self as I helped malama the land.  I found great purpose while working in those mountains, and thus was inspired to leave my homeland in order to attend graduate school in California and to learn more skills so that I can come back home and make better decisions for the land and to encourage native Hawaiians to heal through conservation of our homeland.  I have since graduated with an MS in Environmental Management and work for an environmental consulting firm called Entrix, as a Botanist/Wetland Ecologist." - Sandee Hufana, former field technician