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Grow Native Plants

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Photo by: Chris Brosius
Photo by: Chris Brosius

Why grow native plants?

*  Native plants are adapted to Maui's soil and microclimates, such that they are generally easier to grow, requiring less irrigation and maintenance over time.

*  Growing natives that occur in your specific zone can save you money on your water bill.

*  You decrease the demand for exotic plants, thus lowering the risk of bringing new potential pests to Hawai'i.

*  You prevent the spread of harmful alien plants and insects.

*  Native gardens provide habitat that attracts native birds and insects.

*  By acquiring plants from one of the many nurseries on island, you support local business.

*  Your beautiful native garden can encourage neighbors and family to do the same. 



Other Resources

1) Maui Nui Botanical Gardens 

Located in Kahului, the gardens showcase mostly dryland-adapted Polynesian introductions and native plants.  Their website has a list of recommended growers, events, volunteer opportunities, plant sales, and workshops for using plants in traditional Hawaiian culture.  

2) Department of Water Supply

Their website has a whole page devoted to Water Conservation that offers an array of helpful resources. Check out their Landscape and Gardening Handbook to find out the plants you should use in your area of the island to help keep our water levels sustainable.