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Pollution Prevention

The forest we protect supplies the water you drink.  This water is collected, cleaned and distributed by the Department of Water Supply.  As a home or business owner, you too can do your part to ensure healthy water for your community, your watershed, and the ocean.

We encourage you to visit the folks at West Maui Kumuwai to find more ideas for simple steps you can take to protect our land and ocean.

To control runoff and erosion:
Use more plants and less pavement
Divert runoff from pavement and roof drains onto grass or other vegetation
Don't over water.  Use drip irrigation

To minimize nutrient build-up:
Use less fertilizer.  Choose slow-release fertilizer and apply it conservatively
Use phosphate-free biodegradable soaps and detergents
Use the bathrooms on shore before going out in a boat.  Boaters use the sewage pump out station at the local harbor, or discharge marine sanitation devices in deep water.

To control bacteria and viruses:
Never put grease down the drain.  It's the #1 cause of raw sewage spills.
Pick up animal feces and put in trash or toilet.
Keep garbage dumpsters covered.

To control toxic chemicals:
Tolerate more bugs and use fewer pesticides.  Use, store, and dispose of pesticides. according to instructions on the label.
Recycle used motor oil and car batteries.
Learn about safe alternatives to household hazardous chemicals.

To reduce marine debris:
Recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, aluminum cans, and tires.
Buy products made from recycled materials.
Select products with minimal packaging and reusable containers.

To conserve water and energy:
Repair leaks and install water-saving showerheads and toilet flappers.
Learn about xeriscaping (landscaping to conserve water use).
Turn off the faucet when washing dishes or brushing your teeth.
Only water your lawn after sundown, when the water will be less likely to evaporate.

To preserve the reef:

Use permanent day-use moorings where available.  Otherwise, anchor in sand or rubble.
Don't feed the fish.
Do your best to avoid touching or walking on coral.

To take action:

Stencil on storm drains in your neighborhood:  DON'T DUMP...DRAINS TO OCEAN
Adopt and clean up a beach, reef, or stream.
Teach awareness to children and friends.
Volunteer to monitor beaches and coastal waters.